Full Throttle

33' Offset Side Woodchip Hoppers

Once considered trash, woodchips morphed into a valuable commodity during the 20th Century. Their use as pulp in paper production, bedding and fill in farm and ranch, mulches for gardening, playground surfacing, forest fire prevention, and not least as an alternate fuel source, propelled them into being a profitable industry. And of course, railroads would be responsible for transporting this modern bounty. What vehicles better than hopper cars to transport it? The lighter weight to volume of woodchips compared to coal or gravel allowed for larger capacity cars, and to achieve this, all manner of hopper extensions were conceived. From wood planking and braced plywood to welded steel and even scrap parts from old or wrecked cars were utilized to increase capacities.

All woodchip hoppers feature custom woodchip loads from Hay Brothers. All cars are equipped with Full Throttle's own Bettendorf trucks, metal wheels and knuckle couplers. Click the product thumbnails for larger images.

FT-3401 Rock Island

FT-3401: RI 89425 & 89468 April 2016

FT-3402 Rock

FT-3402: ROCK 89427 & 89448 June 2017

FT-3403 Northern Pacific

FT-3403: NP 70223 & 70282 May 2017
Also available in FT-COL57 January 2022

FT-3404A&B Union Pacific

FT-3404A&B-1: UP 70223 & 70226 March 2017
FT-3404A&B-2: UP 70225 & 70228 March 2017

FT-3405 Canadian Pacific

FT-3405-1: CP 357034 & 357073 December 2016
FT-3405-2: CP 367056 & 357089 December 2016

FT-3406 Green Bay & Western

FT-3406: GBW 406 & 409 May 2016

FT-3407 Louisville & Nashville

FT-3407: L&N 22024 & 22033 August 2016

FT-3408 Great Northern

FT-3408: GN 72005 & 72008 May 2019
Also available in FT-COL57 January 2022


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