Full Throttle

70-Ton 3-Bay Rib-Side Hoppers

Not long after the 50-ton, 2-bay hoppers were perfected, and with many improvements in railroad track, springs, trucks, and couplers along with ever more powerful steam locomotives, the want for a bigger, more economical hopper to haul the burgeoning coal industry's product led to the development of the 70-ton hopper. Many variations were tried between the early 1920s and to well after WWII, featuring a diverse number of ribs and panels of assorted sizes. FT has chosen the popular and common 9-panel type for a Z Scale version as it can be more easily adapted to the tiny lettering and data needed for this size. It's a 40-foot car, a swell size for Z, no bigger than the smallest of the steel boxcars!

All hoppers feature custom coal loads from Hay Brothers and are equipped with Full Throttle FT-100 Bettendorf trucks, metal wheels and knuckle couplers. Click the product thumbnails for larger images or more information (where available).

FT-5001 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe

Equipped with custom-painted trucks.
FT-5001-1: ATSF 178435 & 178456 November 2014
FT-5001-2: ATSF 178428 & 178477 November 2014

FT-5002 Chesapeake & Ohio (Progress)

FT-5002-1: C&O 101286 & 101335 November 2014
FT-5002-2: C&O 101472 & 101787 November 2014
Also released in a Collector Set with FT-4002.

FT-5003 Rio Grande

FT-5003-1: D&RGW 18922 & 18957 February 2015

FT-5003-2: D&RGW 18936 & 18973 February 2015

FT-5004 Minneapolis & St. Louis

FT-5004: MSTL 66523 & 66985 January 2015

FT-5005 Peabody

FT-5005-1: PCCX 6505 & 6584 September 2016

FT-5005-2: PCCX 6567 & 6592 September 2016

FT-5006 Virginian

FT-5006: VGN 5376 & 5485 March 2016

Also released in a Collector Set with FT-5010.

FT-5007 Great Northern

FT-5007-1: GN 70003 & 70046 March 2019

FT-5007-2: GN 70025 & 70078 March 2019

FT-5008 Union Pacific

FT-5008-1: UP 7923 & 7966 January 2017

FT-5008-2: UP 7942 & 7987 January 2017

FT-5009 Pennsylvania

FT-5009-1: PRR 673208 & 673267 June 2019
FT-5009-2: PRR 673224 & 673283 June 2019

FT-5010 Wheeling & Lake Erie

FT-5010: WE 2027 & 2038 August 2016

Also released in a Collector Set with FT-5006.


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