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100-Ton Rib-Side 3-Bay Hoppers

Developed by Norfolk and Western back in the 1960s, the 100-ton rib-side 3-bay hopper quickly became a favorite of many coal railroads. As locomotives grew ever larger, and when used in tandems, huge amounts of coal could be delivered by long consists of these hoppers to mills and power plants across the country. Our first issue was used to haul coal for the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company; the PP&L had these hoppers made from rust-proof metal, which they would not paint. Instead, a dark brown skin formed on the surface which required very little maintenance; only the lettering needed occasional touch-up or repainting. By special agreement with PENNZEE, Full Throttle is immensely proud and excited to offer this important and historic hopper for use in Z Scale. These hoppers remain a mainstay in railroading, even today!

All hoppers are equipped with Full Throttle's roller bearing trucks, metal wheels and knuckle couplers. Click the product thumbnails for larger images or more information (where available).

FT-8001 Pennsylvania Power and Light

FT-8001-1: PPL 105 & 112 January 2014
FT-8001-2: PPL 115 & 120 January 2014

FT-8002 Chessie System B&O

Available in Collector Sets FT-COL36A-1&2 with FT-8003.

FT-8003 Chessie System C&O

Available in Collector Sets FT-COL36A-1&2 with FT-8002.

FT-8004 Chessie System WM

Available in Collector Sets FT-COL36B-1&2 with FT-8005.

FT-8005 Chessie System CSXT

Available in Collector Sets FT-COL36B-1&2 with FT-8004.

FT-8006 Pittsburgh and Lake Erie

Ztrack Magazine exclusive.
FT-8006-1: P&LE 80526 & HPJX 21134  April 2014
FT-8006-2: P&LE 80573 & HPJX 21143  April 2014

FT-8007 BNSF (black Swoosh)

FT-8007-1: BNSF 616274 & 616568 May 2014

FT-8007-2: BNSF 616293 & 616567 March 2015

FT-8008 BNSF (red Swoosh)

FT-8008: BNSF 646606 & 646652 December 2014

FT-8009 Norfolk Southern

FT-8009-1: NS 146821 & 146836 January 2015
FT-8009-2: NS 146832 & 146843 January 2015

FT-8010 Union Pacific

FT-8010-1: UP 18102 & 18143 April 2015
FT-8010-2: UP 18178 & 18185 April 2015
Zscale Monster Trains special commission series:
FT-8010-3: UP 18122 & 18138 July 2015
FT-8010-4: UP 18140 & 18187 July 2015

FT-8011 Western Maryland

FT-8011-1: WM 85033 & 85042 January 2016

Also available in Collector Set FT-COL38 with FT-8012.

FT-8012 Western Maryland

FT-8012: WM 63725 & 63746 October 2014

Also available in Collector Set FT-COL38 with FT-8011.

FT-8013 AT&SF

FT-8013-1: ATSF 178928 & 178965 July 2016

FT-8013-2: ATSF 178942 & 178993 July 2016

FT-8014 Pennsylvania

Zscale Monster Trains special commission series:
FT-8014-1: PRR 180224 & 180273 July 2017
FT-8014-2: PRR 180236 & 180297 July 2017

FT-8015 Ontario Northland

FT-8015: ONT 6023 & 6059 November 2016

FT-8016 Susquehanna

FT-8016-1: NYSW 101 & 126 January 2018
FT-8016-2: NYSW 103 & 138 January 2018

FT-8017 Delaware & Hudson

FT-8017-1: D&H 1108 & 1153 February 2017
FT-8017-2: D&H 1126 & 1175 February 2017


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