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Rebuilt 34-Foot Woodside Reefers

By the end of the 19th Century, the industrial revolution in the United States was in full swing: textile mills, food processing, medicine, transportation, and of course, steel. But, as the country progressed into the 20th Century, what were railroads to do with the abundant railcars left over from earlier times? The invention of the one-piece cast sideframe Bettendorf-type truck with its integral journal boxes was a huge step forward. Truss rods were eliminated as solid steel centerbeams came into widespread use. And, by the 1930s, hand brakes would give way to modern air-brake systems.

Full Throttle brings a nifty new car style to Z Scale. We've taken the "old-timey" woodside reefers introduced by Father Nature and performed the same refurbishing that railroads performed to extend the usefulness of these dated cars. We've (hypothetically) upgraded the truss rod frame with a solid steel frame, and replaced Archbar or Andrews trucks with newer Bettendorf types. These venerable and useful cars would be employed in freight or reefer operation through WWII and into the early diesel era, especially on short lines and spurs. This is a splendid small freight car for your Z Scale action!

All rebuilt woodside reefers are equipped with Full Throttle's own Bettendorf trucks, metal wheels and knuckle couplers. Click the product thumbnails for larger images.

FT/B-9001 Santa Fe

FT/B-9001-1: SFRD 728 & 895 May 2017
FT/B-9001-2: SFRD 763 & 822 May 2017

FT/B-9001S: SFRD 936 (single car) March 2018

FT/B-9002 Great Northern

FT/B-9002-1: WFEX 49702 & 49738 April 2017

FT/B-9002-2: WFEX 49719 & 49775 April 2017

FT/B-9003 PFE-SP

FT/B-9003-1: PFE 34426 & 34473 August 2017

FT/B-9003-2: PFE 34439 & 34452 August 2017

FT/B-9004 Pennsylvania

FT/B-9004-1: PRR 89626 & 89633 November 2017

FT/B-9004-2: PRR 89625 & 89638 November 2017

FT/B-9005 Baltimore & Ohio

FT/B-9005-1: B&O 15507 & 15528 October 2017

FT/B-9005-2: B&O 15553 & 15564 October 2017

FT/B-9007 Western Pacific

FT/B-9007: MW 7045 & 7048 April 2017

FT/B-9010 Pacific Fruit Express

FT/B-9010-1: PFE 91023 & 91042 February 2018

FT/B-9010-2: PFE 91065 & 91076 February 2018

FT/B-9013 Pennsylvania

FT/B-9013-1: PRR 498173 & 498182 August 2018
FT/B-9013S: PRR 498168 (single car) January 2019

FT/B-9014 Rio Grande

FT/B-9014-1: D&RGW 3465 & 3488 July 2018
FT/B-9014-2: D&RGW 3476 & 3497 July 2018
FT/B-9014S: D&RGW 3483 (single car) Aug. 2018

FT/B-9016 Lehigh Valley

FT/B-9016-1: LV 36032 & 36035 December 2018

FT/B-9017 Northern Pacific

FT/B-9017-1: NP 90003 & 90058 February 2019
FT/B-9017-2: NP 90026 & 90037 February 2019

FTB-9019 Cotton Belt

FT/B-9019-1: SSW 907823 & 907857 October 2018


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