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Still a common sight on American rails today, over 130,000 of the 90/100-ton, 45-foot, three-bay hoppers were built in the 1960s. Many different rail lines and rail car manufacturers built these extremely popular haulers, with Bethlehem Steel and ACF supplying them as prefabricated kits to myriad railroads.

These custom-decorated cars from PennZee feature various custom loads from Hay Brothers and Micro-Trains trucks with Magne-Matic couplers. Click the product thumbnails for larger images.

FT/PZ-1 AT&SF ("Stealth" scheme)

FT/PZ-1A ATSF 81540 September 2003
FT/PZ-1B ATSF 81543 September 2003
FT/PZ-1C ATSF 81546 September 2003
FT/PZ-1D ATSF 81548 September 2003

FT/PZ-2 Western Maryland (MOW)

WM #63701 September 2004

FT/PZ-3 Louisville & Nashville

L&N 193203 September 2004

FT/PZ-4 Seaboard System

Two-car set with SBD 341456 & 341459 September 2005

FT/PZ-5 Southern

Two-car set with SOU 360454 & 360456 September 2005

FT/PZ-6 Norfolk Southern

Two-car set with NS 131243 & 131245 September 2005

FT/PZ-7 Peabody

Four-car set with PSL 9631, 9632, 9637 & 9639 October 2005

FT/PZCOL-1 Appalachian Drags

Four-car set with four different road names:
Virginian #216243, Norfolk & Western #14004,
Louisville & Nashville #193203, Western Maryland #63706
October 2004

FT/PZCOL-2 Southern USA Drags

Four-car set with four different road names:
Southern #360453, Norfolk Southern #131243
Louisville & Nashville #193200, Seaboard System #341453
September 2005


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